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So while my LJ is working for a little while I will post. Today I got up early to go and deposit money and grab some supplies. The amazing part is that I managed to actually wake up and do this.

Then I made 3 batches of cinnamon rolls LOL. I found a great new recipe I'm sort of in love with. I plan on making a bunch for new years even too. I think I'm going to get disposable pans though so we have less to clean.

My holiday season rocked. My mom got me this super great bakers box with all sort off stuff and attachments. Now I need to sort and wash all my tips/gear. I was sad to retired the box Jayme gave me those many long moons ago but it had fallen apart. Still very sad as i adore Jayme and rather miss her.

I also got some killer DVDs (one very timing from Kt), a cool Nightmare stufted, and several other rocking items. A reasonably good haul. Now we have over a foot of snow coming down and work has a two hours delay. Personally I'm hoping they change their mind and call it a day. Jeff has already said he would give me a ride in though which is very nice. I was not looking forward to dragging my car out from under the snow. I'll clean her off tomorrow morning anyhow though just to make it easier for later.

Otherwise things are alright here. Still stressed over school things. Work is somewhat easier to bare and I'm feeling far more relaxed then a month ago as the big thing I was working towards came and went without too many problems.

So now the New year is upon us. I can't wait for the Party. I want lots and lots of people to come visit. I'm kinda wishing one person in particular would visit but I know he won't. Things went bad between us and I just kinda want to fix it. But I haven't seen him in years and I'm sure he is busy.

Anyhow I should sleep. ^_^

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