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Arg fucking lj is not working for me from home again. So for those who commented to my last post I keep trying to respond and it fails. Love you all and I'm not ignoring u. Fucking system. Hopefully this third party blogging app will work. Grrrrr!

School Semester: Done

This semester is officially over for me. i just completed my Finals with the cunning use of Google books. I'm done. I have no doubt that I did horrible. This semester just suced. Between health issues, house issues, financial issues, and the ever present work issues school got shuffled to the ass end of the bus. I mean I put in the hours and struggled along but I can honestly say I have never had a semester where I worked so hard and did so poorly. Over all I'm happy I completed it but not looking forward to the dip in my GPA.

Oh well.
It is always amazing how very pissed u can be without just spontaneously exploding. Though really that's mostly a downside.

Banks will screw u every time

Seriously if you don't watch banks like a hawk they will screw you every time. I was checking the accounts today and wouldn't you know it my main account was showing about five hundred dollars in the red available balance and then three over draft fees. But I had deposited seven hundred dollars three days before paying bills. The bills were not seven hundred dollars. It seems that for some unknown reason they had placed a hold on the deposit and were showing everything as over drawn. It was easy enough to fix after I called them but had I not been watching who knows if they would have ever reversed those fees. It didn't seem like an automatic process. In fact when I ask if I should use the account they said "go ahead, you can just call us to reverse any fees". WTF?

So lesson for the wise, always watch ur statement because banks are money making businesses who don't care so much about you having ur own money.

-- Post from a Roaming Seo

Ferrets: Home Needed

Okay I have to find a home for my three ferrets. I'm not happy about it but they need more attention then I can give them and while I love them, I need to do what is best for them. So anyone looking to adopt some ferrets, I'm your girl. They are fairly well behaved and come with a large cage and all the various toys and accessories I've purchased for them over the years. I'd rather they go to someone I know or someone who a friend can vouch for.

Anyone interested, please let me know. Otherwise I'm looking into the less savory option of random people adopting them which I'm hoping to avoid.

-- Seo

Pure Wonderful Crack

If anyone was ever curious what edible crack tastes like, I can answer that questions for you now. It tastes like my buttercream. Yep, all arrogance aside, the stuff is pure delicious crack. LOL

Anyhow this batch came out just amazing. Which is surprising since I kind of jiggered it together. We didn't have enough granulated sugar so i used part that and part powdered. The powdered shit made lumps which will fuck up the hot sugar syrup so i had to put it through a sieve. Then when I finally got it onto the stove it fucking boiled over and refused to come to the right temperature. Oh and that was after the top decided to crystallize and had to be skimmed out. *shrugs* Yet it is amazing.

Well I'm going to bed. The new living room computer lets me get on LJ again so maybe I can start keep tracking of people. Novel idea that. Adios LJ.
LJ still doesn't work very well rom me while here at the house. I also can't get online at work or school. LOL Sorry I'm not around much.

I spent the entire weekend resting and being lazy. I'm finally almost well. I don't cough very much and I'm not bone tired. The ringing in my ears is sporadic. I needed some down time. I'm also super super behind on things i need to get done. So time to stop being lazy and buckle down.

I hate my job with a major passion. I'm close to giving up and finding a new one. I don't know, I'm sure there isn't anything better out there.

The kids have been a bit of a handful lately. *sighs* Still adorable though. I happened to mention to Jack in passing the other day I was thinking of putting up a website with gamer reviews. He asked for some space and I said sure and that boy has not given me a moments peace since then. He reminds me of the little dog following around the big dog in the old cartoons -- "Hey Seo Seo what about...." Cute but throughly distracting.

Anyhow I need to be up in 5 hours. I probably should have crashed earlier but it was such a novel concept to not be bone tired and sick i stayed up late.

Night LJ
Janelle an Rachel what are ur lj names? Or can someone else tell me since I'm having some sort of lj issue with finding folks.
I crawled out of bed a bit later then I intended and found no one home. Little weird that. I'm still partially deaf from an ear infection so I have no idea what is happening in the house right now. I use sound way more then most people to indent what is going on. Anyhow I feel mostly better other then the half deaf thing. I'm on even more drugs for the ear infection. It doesn't bother me all that much. It is oddly relaxing. Sort of like being on your own little quiet island while the world goes crazy around u. Very relaxing.

On other notes my free time is zip. Full time work and school eats up everything. I promised myself a little down time today. I'm at Panera's right now. I may wander to Barnes and Noble at some point soon or the movies. Justin and I have been texting "I miss you messages" which is very sad. I do miss him though. I mean we spent 90% of our free time together and now he is gone. *sigh* so unpleased with this change. They are both up next weekend to take the ferrets off my hands. I'm going to miss my fuzz butts but I don't have the time to care for them properly.

On other notes my mom rocks. I was bitching the other day about how the fleas are eating my alive and making me go crazy. So the next day she tells me she went online and ordered me like 100 dollars worth of flea stuff. I love my mommy. So maybe that will be one less thing to drive me mad.

Alright LJ Im off to wand the world.


Sep. 9th, 2010

School sucked today. Came home and had dinner then trolled the interwebs for a while. Managed to wander over to ED and started reading articles. This dragged me over to the 'Kin boards. Is it just me or have they gotten even more retarded recently? Maybe I just didn't pay attention to all the drivel last time I was more active. Or maybe I'm just pissy. Anyhow it was all sorts of WTFsville.

I really should go finish my homework. *groan*

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