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A friendly request of all my friends

Hi guys!

It's your crazy Seo with a Seocentric public announcement. As most of you know at the end of August I will be moving to Michigan to continue furthering my education and to eventually gain a degree as a medical dosimetrist. As many of you also know, this odyssey was started because I lost my job. In order to help with the raising of funds to make my move just a bit easier I have been working selling goods mostly on eBay. My mother, amazing as always, has offered me the use of her side business as well if I do the "leg work". She is an independent agent for a jewelry company called Silpada.

Now I'm not asking for donations or people to loan me money but if you would be so kind as to take a quick look through the catalog linked below I would be most appriciative. The items are of amazing quality (guess who has been getting jewelry for gifts lately lol) and very well priced. I make a nice commission off the items so you would be doing me a big favor if you did decide that something caught your eye. They make excellent gifts for special loved ones. Also, now is a great time to buy any silver jewelry you might be interested in for the holiday/birthday season. The price of silver has more then doubled and prices everywhere will be going up if they have not already. The Silpada prices are at the old price but not for much longer. So start buying those holiday gifts or just a plain "I love you" gift today!

The Silpada link is and as long as you see my mom's name at the top (Michelle Haessler lol) I'm getting the credit. So please take a look and if you see something great if not I thank you anyway for being my friend.

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Regal Cinema in Poughkeepsie, NY

A few weeks back a group of us went up to Poughkeepsie to the Regal cinemas to watch Green Lantern. We had a horrible time and ended up watching nothing and just going home. The cinema is a bit of. Hike for us but is my favorite in the area. I sent a letter in about our experience which was out of the ordinary for this cinema. Not only did their corporate office contact me but I just received a personal call from the manager of that Regal apologizing as well. They also sent me some tickets I used to take Kibble to Green Lantern. Nicely done Regal. You have my business and recommendation back without hesitation. It is unfortunate and in some ways unavoidable to have the occasional problem but to be handled with such aplomb was very heartening.

So if you are in Poughkeepise, NY for a movie I highly reccomend the Galleria Regal.
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Moving to Michigan

Here's the latest from the land of Seo. I'm moving. Not in a bad way but the degree and career path I want I simply cannot get out here. I'm not leaving the house permanently, more just taking a short break to finish that degree off so I can contribute a grown up amount and not always worry about finances. Things are fine here and no needs to worry that there has been some big blow up. The thing is, my recent job loss just forced me to get my ass in gear. I've known I need to move/get a career for a few years now but I didn't really want to move so I let it slide. Really I'm getting too old for that though. So I just took the plunge.

So as of end of August I'm moving to Michigan a bit south of Ann Arbor. I may have a roommate, more on that next week I believe. I'll out out a notice for help with moving things. I'm not taking a huge amount of stuff just the basics as well as my pets and plants. I'll send out my new address when I have it.

Wish me luck! Lol I'm sure I'll need it ^_~

~ Seo
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Kheperian Dream

God I haven't had one of these in forever. I think occasionally my brain hates that I sleep and just to fuck with me sends over odd cryptic messages.

Time line is closer to thanksgiving. We were getting ready to have a meal after my last dream which involved a war with fighting and running but this dream wasn't entirely about that. It was like that was a mood that opened the way but wasn't really relevant. Just a setup. I had this tightness that something was coming I didn't mention it because I thought it was residual from the previous dream stuff. Not necessarily bad but huge and therefore a bit scary. There were like seven at the table. Jay didn't stay to eat but went downstairs/below to check things out. Both he and Dickens agreed there was something but that it wasn't until tomorrow so we could finish our meal. Joe and Aaron were both at the table. As well as a chick who made the meal who feels like Sara kinda and I recognize but I don't think she has a body right now. Seems to be "younger" one of the newer counselor models. It was thanksgiving eve dinner. We had standard TG foods. There was a bit  of a tomfoolery involving who serving but nothing relevant. Then I woke up.

One of these days I wish my brain would give me more explicit information
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Dear Winter

Dear Father Winter, I admit that we had some good times. But this on again, off again clingy behavior has got to stop. Look I've moved on. Sister Spring and I just started up a good thing. Why can you be happy for me instead of camping out on my lawn? Seriously, it's over. You and Jack have got to go.

Sincerely done with Winter.

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I ordered a cell phone case yesterday. I paid extra to get it here today. It was delivered.... somewhere. Yep the fucking thing is missing. They are sending me a new one which wont get here until Monday. happy fucking joy.
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(no subject)

I'm in a Panera so I can actually see lj. I was out running errands I meant to do during my lunchbresk but forgot my wallet and ran out of time to take care of during lunch.

Tomorrow I'm hoping to replace my phone. Presently I'm bored and should head home and do useful things.

Let's see new things. Still waiting on my fin aid shit from last semester to be completed. We are getting closer. One of the umps was just passed. I'm looking at another couple of weeks maybe. God only knows what it means for me but there you go. Maybe I can actually get some college apps out.

I've been rather wanting to get more involved with the metaphysical community lately. No perticular reason, not quite sure how to go about it really. I never really left I just sort of backed off. I also need to go back to writing

So we are at the beginning of the new year. I guess it is time to start moving like it is the beginning and not that painful not-ending.
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You know knave been online since I was a kid. Yet sometimes I still forget the cardinal rules of posting. Don't post when drunk. Don't post when tired and either depressed or hungry. Don't post mid-coitus (funny story there). Such easy rules and yet one still forgets occasionally and has to go lock a retard post. Gotta love fail.

On a side note, I love Bizarre Foods. I know I posted that recently but I'm watching it now with a cat on me and enjoying the hell out of it.
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So while my LJ is working for a little while I will post. Today I got up early to go and deposit money and grab some supplies. The amazing part is that I managed to actually wake up and do this.

Then I made 3 batches of cinnamon rolls LOL. I found a great new recipe I'm sort of in love with. I plan on making a bunch for new years even too. I think I'm going to get disposable pans though so we have less to clean.

My holiday season rocked. Collapse )
So now the New year is upon us. I can't wait for the Party. I want lots and lots of people to come visit. I'm kinda wishing one person in particular would visit but I know he won't. Things went bad between us and I just kinda want to fix it. But I haven't seen him in years and I'm sure he is busy.

Anyhow I should sleep. ^_^
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New Year's Eve Party

It is that time of the year again! Yep, the end. ^_^ And the best part of the end of the year is the PARTY!!!

So if you like to party, you like me, and you can bribe, steal, or hitch your way to my place please do so on 12/31 after 6pm. We will have food, drinks, great conversation and a little bit of crash space for those who need it. I want to see everyone I know so move it people!

I hope to see you all there. ^_^