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Let the wrong begin

Did she say what I think she said?

19 January 1982
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I am Seo. My house colors are green and silver. Ten Points if you catch the reference.

I'm a bit odd and usually pretty cheerful. I like people and love to chat, just don't expect me to be in contact on a regular basis. My life is pretty hectic at times.

I am a sybarite and not always a nice person. I am fair and evil and sometimes I am a romantic sap. Mostly I'm just Seo and I'm quite happy being myself. I write, I talk, I joke, I cook/bake and in general just have fun and try to make things work out.

Wandering is a way of life for me. I love to travel and visit people. I have friends all over the globe. If only I had more money and time to visit them :P

I love My Little Ponies. I know, I know, I'm an adult; what can I say pastel horses are just that cool. Anything 80's cartoon/toy and I'm there.

Other then that, enjoy your time here. I certainly do. Just watch the first step it's a doozy.

Seo's Latest Passion: Drinking because it is the best idea ever
Seo's Present Home State: New york
Seo's Ultimate Place To Live: I'm still voting for Scotland. Until I actually go there and find out if I love it or not I won't know but so far it seems the most likely.

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